For now this will be a very short page.    I would eagerly consider offers for advertising, negotiated on a case by case basis.    Some basic rules: 1 - NO Cookies, weird scripts, viruses, attack programs on my page.  No crawlers, no things that cover the page, no fake invisible screen over the page that takes you to another page.  Don’t even ask if you want that, mmmkay? 2 - I do BANNER ads and direct ads, such as the Amazon ads - I’m A-OK with say linking to a site or product and then basic script (preferrably in the tag HTML) that leads to the other site and confirms if I get credit for a purchase. 3 - As I am a US Citizen and live in the USA I therefore can’t advertise stuff illegal in the USA.  No “Captain Planet”, illegal drugs, etc. 4 - I reserve the right to place “PAID ADVERTISEMENT” above the banner. 5 - I don’t do exclusivity or weird ‘contracts’ and do expect to be compensated per agreement. 6 - Oh, and recent FTC issue COPPA - as you can see here - I don’t do “Cookies” so therefore I can’t collect private data on anyone, child or no.
----  Ok, sorry to say all that - but where I draw the line. Now: subject:    I am an independant author with a big love for “Pulp” fictions - classic science fiction, adventure, sword and sorcery.  Americana from the 60s to the 80s mainly.  Rock music from Folk Rock, 60s rock, 70s rock, Progressive rock, 70s to now, Techno music, Synthwave, Vaporwave, Cassette punk, Japanese Anime and Game music, Heavy Metal mainly 70s-80s.  I like Star Wars before Lucas sold out, I like lots of “B-Movie” and low grade Grindhouse movies.  Cameron films, all the 2nd rate Clonan movies, Hercules movies.  I like old published material, Epic Illustrated, Creepy, Eeerie, Vampirella - Heavy Metal Magazine and movie.  Most animated features with an adult audience, Heavy metal again, Fritz the Cat, Rock N’ Rule, etc.  Yes, I like most Japanese Anime, such as Vampire Hunter D….    Now - saying that for any advertiser to look through my site, read my free story samples, decide “Would the people who like this site, this author maybe buy my product?”  BTW - if my stuff was made into movies it’d be likely PG-13 - R rated by most people’s judgement.    If your answer is “Yes” well I would LOVE to talk with you!    Rather, have you Email me!    Case by case, but I won’t scalp anyone.  And even when I get this operation bigger I’ll remember who helped me and be reasonable!  (read, likely not raise rates even later)    I’ll put an ad for about anything - though probably not porn given my stuff here isn’t porn.  Might make an exception for a man named “Larry” - but I’m hoping to be asked for soft drinks,
herbal supplements, still legal drugs, other books and comics, video games, etc.