Death, Death, DEATH    to Political Correctness!
   Political Correctness is like being on an ocean liner and while venturing below deck you notice the crew ramming shut the pressure relief valve on the boiler because someone complained they couldn’t stand the whistle. -Please, feel free to quote or paraphrase that. It started in the 90s.  Do NOT blame the 60s for it.  If you want to, check out Robert Crumb and then speak again.  But it started in the 90s. Really, I choose to label it some kind of elite controller conspiracy - an attempt to undo decades of legit social progress people have lived, suffered and sacrificed for.  Even died for.  By turning it into absurd hyperbole.  But even that is too flattering for how stupid it is. It starts out - like many roads to H-ll, paved with good intentions.  There used to be a lot of sexist and racist baggage in our society after the changes of the late 50s to the mid 70s, so ingrained in our background it was like breathing. Case in point - “Sambo’s” restaurant.  Used to be an incredible chain of Restaurants which had what we’d call a “Retro 50s vibe” now and very good pancakes.  When I was a child and a morning person I’d want to go there every time my parents went out.  I liked it for the food, but with a lifetime love of cartoons and comics well all the depictions of “Little Black Sambo” outwitting the Tigers was pretty fun also. It was closed down in no small part due to “Political Correctness” - people whining about it all over.  Interesting because my parents were “Hippies” and had marched and sacrificed a lot of opportunities and spoke out and risked government harassment to try to better the world and America.  But nothing wrong with “Sambo’s”...  They were shocked when they heard that - after all he was outwitting all the tigers.  BTW - tigers are not from Africa.  INDIA.  Sambo is Indian…  So it wasn’t even a stereotype of American Blacks who are descended from African slaves…. Around the time I watched lots of weekend movies priced cheaply for kids.  Mostly old movies like monster movies, Godzilla - AND lots of “African Explorer” films.  As an adult I now know why they showed them in my small town - the reels had been ordered destroyed by the theaters.  Bomb threats in the big cities by the Panthers…  But like ZERO blacks in my area for a few more years, good old fashioned 40s, 50s movies G rated to show kids in the late 70s, early 80s…  That’s one of many things that ticks me off, btw, about Political Correctness…  I can’t find these films anymore.  I could with a net search or cheaply buy ALL of the pics Betty Page posed in - indeed have a nice large format volume.  That’s something my Grandfather would have had to sneak like a ninja to buy and fear social ruin to get.  Like to show the moralists of that era 90s Hustler - watch their heads go explodey…  But I can’t find these old “African Explorer” films and there were dozens of them.  I can understand not showing them on TV or having them on the front rows of a video store, but can’t even find them on the net due to reels destroyed and was too young to remember the names. But it started with a bunch of little edits here and there.  Less “Jew Jokes” by comedians.  Less sexist jokes against women.  Less racial jokes against blacks.  Started as a general thing, some comedians even made a niche for themselves pushing against it.  Andrew Dice Clay and the late, great Sam Kinison,  for instance.  The publishing industry shot itself in the foot with … but won’t get started here - that’s another thing I’ll put up elsewhere... It went over the deep end when people started to get fired, Stalinist style, over ‘wrong think’. It’s even become a joke now it’s so common - respected personality makes remark that offends some people, has to make tearful public apology, gets fired anyways.  Tip to those in that situation - admit NOTHING wrong and get a lawyer.  You apologize you confess to what was charged and put yourself at their mercy while they have nothing but hatred at you. It was really rock bottom and digging to the magma when they dug in the past to get people for things said decades ago.  And when they attacked the language, such as demanding the gender pronouns be neutral or evenly split between ‘he’ and ‘she’. It is plain insane, stupid and must be opposed. “Free Speech” is the West’s greatest ideological achievement - the right to say almost anything and get away with it at worst.  “Free speech but be prepared to suffer the dire consequences if what you say be offensive…” we had during the Spanish Inquisition, thank you.  Furthermore, anything and everything said worth anything is certainly offensive to someone somewhere.  The “Good Christians” didn’t like much science even well before evolution.  Benjamin Franklin’s proving of the lightning rod’s use for instance - he didn’t invent it - just proved it worked.  It was banned in 17 countries for Blasphemy.  Or Copernicus’s student was burned for publishing his late master’s works - notably for the one statement “The distance between the Earth and the Moon is infinitesimal compared to the distance between the Earth and the Sun.  The distance between the Earth and the Sun is infinitesimal compared to the distance between Earth and the nearest Star”.  I have no ‘sacred cows’ here - Copernicus was trying to find a “mathematical model of the heavens” but did so to try to make big $ as an Astrologer.  Most of the foundational scientists were more accomplished sorcerors or in Newton’s case Alchemists and Biblical Scholars. So, anything worth saying that’s good has someone somewhere that hates it to the core of their being as much as anything said to be offensive.  What happens when we censor, ban, burn, avoid anything anywhere to avoid offending anyone? We have nothing.  When something is taken away or censored because someone somewhere does not like it. We have a bland, neutered, brief “Newspeak” far more limiting than anything Big Brother could have dreamed of.  We have a ‘thought police’ beyond the reach of the “Ministry of Love” of the weakest, most pathetic people made strong by targeting outrage at anyone they envy.  And indeed “Ignorance is Strength” when hard issues are kept out of the public discussion, far better than any book burnings that might generate interest in said ideas. I am certainly for the foundational ideals considered “Leftist” by most. Reasonable social assistance for all in need.  Government should to a sane point “Secure the general welfare” per the preamble.  For maximum free speech.  For letting people rise and fall by merit and action regardless of gender or skin color or whatever they do in their free time or believe or don’t believe in.  For letting Larry Flynt publish Hustler as freely as Judy Blume can publish her novels as long as neither holds a gun to your head to make you buy them or not buy either’s works.  For ending the “War on (Some) Drugs” with legalization, jury nullification and public lobbying.  Against real racism and sexism and prejudice of a person based on personal beliefs and lifestyle choices.  (or DEATHstyle choices - tolerance <> acceptance, people!) Seeing these freaking out lunatics of Political Correctness now called “Social Justice Warriors” ignore tons of real issues while they scream and throw trash cans and burn the professor in effigy for saying anyone should be able to dress like an Indian (Native American) during Halloween - well I can not imagine a better way to destroy those ideals.  Outright open oppression only heroizes them and adds support.  Letting key ‘useful idiots’ scream and rave and giving them all the attention does nothing but damage to the key causes they try to support. It does no good. It creates no progress. It will build up pressure till like that ship’s boiler it explodes in a wave of real racism and sexism. As I type this my country is suffering under a very negative political leader who in no small part was elected thanks to these types of people.  He was always a very bad joke, a rich elite spoiled adult baby only still rich due to modern bankruptcy courts.  In early interviews various “Little Miss Andre” types of the PC Police tried to confront him with vile sexist things he said.  Problem was, again due to bankruptcy courts no one could ‘fire’ him since he still had his late father’s money.  So he doubled down and said worse.  The base he catered to were too used to their heroes having to make public apologies then getting fired.  They recently woke up and a prominent wrestling figure was edited off their video game system due to saying something and getting fired and erased overnight.  That that man would dare challenge them made him look so brave.  He wasn’t - rumor is whenever he was in a position he didn’t have power he’d crawl, cry and beg.  He was “Richie Rich” without any redeeming values.  But because he was the only big media figure willing to flip a finger at the SJW crowd in no small part it helped him get elected.  One man’s opinion but it did more for helping him than any number of yet to be fulfilled promises and alleged foreign intervention ever could have. And, really, there are tons of legit evils in this world that need fighting.  But SJWs show up at the alumni dinner where a comedian comes to donate $ to his Alma Matter but he like told some off jokes in the 80s so they scream and throw trash cans and scream. Pathetic, worthless, piece of sh-t insults to anything “Lefftist” I’m for real equality, real works to lessen the harm done by real sexism, real racism. But I also want my Tintin, my old “African Explorer” movies, etc.  Furthermore those from groups that had legitimate gripes on how they were treated in the past…  I won’t say “Get over it” though it’s been said to me about issues from my background even though I look 100% white male…  BUT if you use modern PC/SJW sentiment to behave horribly even if just for a second you can get away with it … well that’s what “They” want - they - the “Controllers” who want to reset things to the 1920s or 1850s. An “Old School New Age Guru” pointed out if we love and forgive each other we’ll have paradise on earth…  The oppressors need to stop oppressing and give up some of their power.  The oppressed need to forgive and work towards a goal for all.  Sounds like the easiest thing, doesn’t it?
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