No Such thing as Star Wars
There’s no such thing as Star Wars. Not anymore. Ended when Lucas Sold out. I don’t judge him harshly.  Old school “New Age Guru” warned not to judge a man unless you walked a mile in his shoes.  I’m not an established Hollow-Wood director - as much as I dare even step in his shadow it would be as a storyteller.  On that he sold out.  BUT I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same if I were him.   I mean, spending a full lifetime working on those films.  Making a seperate company just to manage the effects and increase the knowledgebase because otherwise he’d have spent 2x a “Ten Commandments” budget just for the FX on Star Wars and never another film.  Dealing with a decade of waiting for technology to improve, again being part of it, to make the next films…  Then to see the despicable “Hipster” hate machine programmed like a bunch of Robots to hate it by the media that tells them how to be cool and radical - just like all their “Hip” friends… And $500 million… William S. Burroughs said “If the powers that be tell you to sell out, by all means do so, but sell out dear, charge them a LOT…!” Not that he’s really a “Role Model” by any stretch of the imagination but he has a point.  I’d sell out for that, or $100 mil and a tiny island with “Micro Nation” status so I can grow and sell pot there, have animal fighting matches, legal sex industry, a vice nation…just to flip the finger at all the moralists and false economies...  But as I opened the bar “Tapping the Admiral” complete with a British person dead and in a partly see through barrel (ideally one of their royals…  Personal issue, don’t get me started) of brandy I’d see on TV Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck going to beat and violate Dominick Wytchburner, Shah-Azir, Rexx Rhyder and I’d realize I’d sold part of my soul… So, Star Wars is dead. Doesn’t exist anymore. Of course you can get the media, just like Jack Vance, Clark Ashton Smith, HG Wells, E.E. “Doc” Smith, Asimov…  Many other scifi/fantasy greats of the past whose works lived past them and still continue to inspire. But there’s no more Star Wars.  Lucas is alive, but he sold out.  Now it’s a corpse Disney sprayed preservative on and has propped up like an Animatronic puppet show.  It’s not Star Wars, just a shell of it. So, I say Don’t support it. Oh, not asking anyone to Boycott Disney, though putting off a trip to the park might be in order.  They are rumored to have raised rates to compensate for Star Wars film losses. But, simply avoid buying Star Wars products in any way that could benefit them. First - Star Wars ended after “Expanded Universe” and “Clone Wars”. Second - don’t buy it - from Disney. Now, believe it or not, I’m not encouraging piracy or illegal file sharing.  That actually adds value to a product at the scale Disney deals with it.  Oh, ok to download (don’t get caught) stuff they do NOT sell - the “Star Wars Christmas” when it’s posted you know where.  Turkish Star Wars!  Heh, heard that might be released in the USA for legit sales…  I’ll buy!  Even from Disney.  Exception to the rules. But let’s say your VHS tapes are worn and going to get DVDs/BluRay, or your discs got coastered - well buy it USED.  Amazon “used and new from…” - Ebay sales.  If you buy in the store you can get the stuff they excrete in the bin for 6 star, dollar tree, big lots - whatever big company dump not sell item outlet they call it in your area. For personal amusement I almost bought at the ToyzRUs last day for $1 that purple haired “Diversity Hire” general from whatever abomination pretending to be a Star Wars movie so I could dig a pit in my backyard and hold a mock exection by Saarlac…  But the kid’s mind active my Jabba the Hutt action figure came alive and held a protest sign.  It’d be cruel and horrible - to the poor Saarlac. Likewise avoid buying on digital media - even watching if the stuff appears on streaming media you subscribe to - like Netflix for example. Doing so sends a strong message to investors and owners that the “Star Wars” property is NOT selling.  Their media machine - the one that told the Hipsters it was fashionable to hate Jar Jar but to love Porgs - is geared for damage control.  But the Mouse can’t hold a gun to your head to buy the other products and something that isn’t pulling in money or becomes embarassing they do sideline.  Black Cauldron.  Song of the South. Hey, I like Disney - from the 50s, 60s and a little bit the “Renissance” era.  Love Adventureland though they removed the Cannibals I heard…  The “Enchanted Tiki Room” might want to go there again, get a Dole whip. But I do not like what they did to Star Wars and won’t support it. My proposal - IF they want to fix it: 1 - sell it back to Mr. Lucas for $1.  That’s a lot to charge him after what you did to his work with those SJW diversity hires just out of college getting work that should only be trusted to a master director with a lifetime’s work. 2 - Wipe out the Disney era movies as “Mistakes” 3 - Produce HIS stories - if he’s ok with it - in exchange for a good % of sales, figures, etc. 4 - Keep “Social Justice Warriors” out.  There’s “Folk Wisdom” - if it ain’t broken you don’t fix it…  Star Wars was (and is) amazingly progressive for the 30s era “Space Opera” it was inspired by.  The modern SJW era is akin to the late 70s/early 80s “Operation shoot self in foot” that the publishing industry did, alienating 95% or more of its reader base to try to expand .01% to maybe 5% extra.  Here’s a hint:  Go to Barnes and Noble.  Imagine if the Scifi/fantasy section was 3x as big.  Without the D&D.  Without the Anime.  Without the comic books.  Imagine if low print runs were 17K copies.  That’s what SJWs did to it. 5 - to Mr. Lucas.  Hey, shag-a-delic, baby…!  You need to get back to the 70s - like have a bar scene where they got a disco ball and Greedo type aliens are doin “Stayin’ Alive”.  The core audience were tiny kids when it came out.  Get them back and do it with no apology, as if it was a 70s that never ended.  A 70s that never ended would be good for the modern world, needing both the shelter of nostalgia but also the optimism and hope of ideals which Star Wars captured if by association and accident. Exception to the rule: Link on the left - this is one Disney product I do support.  This neat one-shot take on Star Wars…  Coz the Social Justice Whiner Cry Bullies freaked out and their Feelz got hurtsy…  MELTS the pwecious individuwah swowfakes…  AND is a neat story, short and tragic, and actually pretty believable if you know anything about celebrity and cult of personality…
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