Hey! Just a heads up!    Had a script collapse on this site so it’s a jumble worse than the M’Kunga jungle!  The downside of not taking “Free” servers up is that I run into trouble - right now I’m re-doing this ENTIRE site as I upload so I expect all sorts of crazy messes to pop up.  Oh, well.  You’ll notice no ads, no attack script warning from Antivirus programs?  This is part of me NEVER messing with my fans with those - I don’t rely on any “3rd party” who does it for “Free”…but….  Please be forgiving - I’m a writer not a “Techno-Wizard” - if anything big does pop up and stays, please e-mail me about it.     Aside from that, please be forving and watch the dust.  I’m trying to upload a LOT of stuff fast after a long period of idleness here, so I’ll just face things as they pop up, was bein’ wayy to cautious and doing little…  THUS - If you see this “Consruction” logo it means I know the page has issues and am fixing it asap!