Dominick Wytchburner
Swords Beneath the Earth
Scroll of the Dead Lord
Journey back to the 50s - the 1750s!
    The mid 1700s - as mankind embraces the enlightenment, the age of reason and the fires of industry are being stoked mankind’s enemies wait in the shadows to strike.  Opposing them is a lone holy man - a man of faith and trained in the arts of war.  He is Dominick of the Holy Inquisition, but is called Dominick Wytchburner!
-- Two stories in which Dominick chases a Necromancer beneath the Catacombs of Paris - and in southern Spain he faces an evil from days of Antiquity!
Vengeance! - free stand-alone story to be uploaded soon
--In Ancien Regime France, a grand Marquis declares a grand event which will go on for days, with indulgences legal and spiritual to all participants…!  Dominick is a late arrival at this party.
-to be uploaded soon!