Rexx Rhyder
adventure - lust - treasure - mystery
   Who is - or was - Rexx Rhyder?    Some place him as a criminal who was drafted into the British African Expidentionary force who killed his commanding officer - being of low birth and Irish race.  Others have him as a maverick early Achaeologist who despite being Irish worked with Lord Winthrop to uncover many mysteries of the past.  Still others have him as a reckless looter of treasures, a level lower than Schlieman and a conteporary of Forte, more concerned with wild speculation and legends than accepted historical fact.   Those that knew him sometimes painted the picture of a reckless wastrel, into drink and loose women who worked as a ‘tour guide’ and led well-heeled tourists into the very danger he was credited with ‘saving’ them from.  Women regarded him as a lecherous man who had a gift of gab and did everything to talk his way into their intimate embrace, to then leave to see another part of the world leaving them with child as bastard as he.  In latter decades his works proved invaluable to the seekers of the ‘paranormal’ for he chased the truth no matter what ‘accepted science’ declared ‘true’.    Many who did know him said he was one of the last men, until perhaps World War 2 to be known as a “Hero”…