Greetings!     I’m writing as “Maxx Feral” and exploring new but also classic worlds of pulp adventure.  Good fun, non-PC and might have some hidden meaning somewhere.  My journey as a writer started long ago, growing up in a middle US town with easy access to the Library and Used Book Stores but yes I liked to read instead of watching tv.  So I read lots of stuff, mainly 40s-60s stuff - hey “New To Me” if it’s a good story it shouldn’t matter if written days ago or many years ago.  Also stuff from big cities got flushed to my area so I got to see lots of “African Explorer” movies as a kid alongside Godzilla movies even though it was way after they made those.      Well, when I grew up it was the 90s and I felt like a Tycoon and started buying new books…     My EYES!  They BLEEEEDDDDD!!!!     What hit me was the “New Wave” which I’d missed in the largely 40s-mid 70s range the library and used bookstore gave me.  Lancer.  Ace Double.  Ballantine books.  Conan.  Elric.  Tarl Calbot.  Scorpio.  Lin Carter.  Clark Ashton Smith.  HP Lovecraft.      I’d missed the “New Wave” or rather it’s late mutation.  I’ll save the issues and my opinion for an essay in my rants page, but essentially what we called “Political Correctness” had hit hard in the gap of time between books I read and “New” books.  In principal I’d be for the hyper tolerant, ultra left message they all tried to ram in - but the stories SUCKED.  Sucked donkey d----.  Well, ain’t my hobby, but they were as nasty as I’d imagine such a thing.  Just a bunch of people who’d never wrote anything getting published and a few aged writers not wanting to be blacklisted obviously ghostwriting for them.       However, I wanted to be a writer.  So I typed my own stuff.  Good practice.  Good I also studied computers so I could sit at a desk and get harassed by stupid “Diversity Hire” people and be too busy protecting my back to work fully.  Loved the comments from edtiors - “Content made me vomit” is my fav.  But love editors, learned a lot from them.     Even with that I managed a bunch of occasional publication in magazines, cartoons in small local papers, a webcomic.  Fun times.      Eventually I was going to get around to self publishing, but with emerging digital tech I can avoid filling the garage with 1000 or 10,000 print books and mailing them one at a time - I can sell online even with the dying but still powerful monopoly keeping out any stories I’d ever like to read and filling it with uh what IS the phrase now “Woke” sh-t written by “Intersectionals”…  Most of my books for now are formatted 4:3 for a Samsung tablet, btw but doing the math and measurements should fit on any tablet reading device.  Love the smell of old paperbacks, do plan to make some legit printed copies - like ever see an old ACE double?      I’ve also managed a bit of travel.  Won’t go into detail, but as far as India.  Not just sights to see but learning from people.  Won’t go into details, perhaps it reflects in my stories.      For politics I’m left if you hold a gun to my head, but nothing to do with modern hyper left.  Think like a kid influenced by Hippies, Yippies and kind of that way but on his own trip so to speak.  I’d hope my views would help and maybe influence people, but I do not have a “Side” they have to be or be my enemy.  “Divide and Conquer” is the oldest trick in the books and as I write this there is increasing and increasing arguments at the bottom (less than 95%) of society while the top ones are on the same side for the most part. What I am trying to bring back as a writer is a good STORY.  That is my loyalty.  To the story.  I. Want. A. Good. Story.  I don’t
care if I’m reading something by Wells or Verne or Clarke or Heinlien or Haldeman or Clayton…  If they write a good story I like it.  The theme and argument can go any way, if the story is good, the more clever they are the better they can argue their point.  I also like debate and controversy, not niches of vanity like we get now.  I hate the new stuff because the stories suck and the messages are crudely given, lots of stuff almost plagarist rip offs of cliche tropes with ‘woke’ characters inserted.  And when you love stuff from the 1890s to the late 70s and the newer stuff sucks even though you are still young it is not your problem but rather the industry.     My stories will all have a preview for a few pages (a reasonable part for shorts) so you can read some of it and if you like it buy it.  I won’t use any intrusive ‘digital rights’ measures since if you re- read the PDF 10 years from now I want you able to view it on your floating holographic tablet without worrying if it’ll “Register” no matter my current status or the status of whatever online store you bought it from then.     If you like my works, please buy them.  This helps me earn more and more from my passion and rely less and less on another boring tech job and have more time to travel.  You also support a true “indie” writer who hates the “Mainstream” publishing.  Well, “Hate” kinda bad karma, just I have a different beat and agenda.  You have power here, you vote for what you want with your $, more of what  you like is made and with modern channels bypassing traditional publishing gatekeeping this gives you the consumer a lot of power.    If you found my stuff posted on a pirate site, please email me on the issue.  I’ll make decisions on what I can do, if anything.  Again, see the last paragraph, if you like please buy but it’s your option.
Maxx Feral
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Simple,    I don’t use cookies, scripts or any mysterious Widget, Whatsit, Whatever…    Save basic web traffic tools Dreamhost provides like bandwith and such I don’t know and don’t WANT to know any specific, intimate details about my fans.  I don’t care if you are mostly left, right, gay, straight - etc.  Hopefully I’ll attract enough sales to make enough $ I can kiss the day-job goodbye and/or travel more at least.  But I’m NOT going to do it by flooding the site with attack scripts that are worse than used to be on ‘free’ adult sites but now are everywhere else.    I do put in specific ads, such as the ones for Amazon and other sites, these merely identify traffic as coming from my site so I can get kickback if people buy from them after coming from mine.  Beyond that and any login info you give them there’s nothing extra to the best of my knowledge, I’ve looked at the code.  And sites I use I trust.  We might have issues with Amazon but say you bought something for $5 they’d be the last to charge you more than that save shipping and the last by far to lose your info.   At some point I might change - but plan to fight it.  If I put in ad banners they will be static or simple gifanimations that lead to other sites… I encourage others to do the same thing - to get their own hosting (again I vouch for Dreamhost) and if their sites get popular to go lowtech - non- obtrusive ads, no cookies, no megabyte worth of scripting that attacks every visitor…    Too much trust has been broken on the internet and while I can’t fix it all I can do my best to be and encourage the change.    Anyone interested in advertising, read my AD POLICY  page first!