Dominick Wytchburner
The Scroll of the  Dead Lord
In the 1750s...  The Ancien Regime of noble, romantic France... A kingdom of luxury and opulence, for the Nobility and increasing desperation for the common people. A Marquis of exceptional reputation for controversy decides he is bored with the humdrum of normal life and uses all the connections, favor and monies he dares spend to have a 'festival' that expresses the freedom the Enlightenment strives for in the excess absolute.  For a limited time he and his guests are free.  Of every single law set by the Holy Church and by Crown and common law.  In his castle there will be total freedom, save only his command.  It is a festival that the best of the regime are invited, the most indulgent Nobility, some of the new Rich, a few of the best artists and radicals and of course the best of the classes that serve them in every manner especially carnal. As the festival begins and a powerful storm rages outside the castle, an unexpected guest arrives.  The Holy Church has sent one of its own to fill a seat expected to be empty and they have sent an Inquisitor.   Aside from shock this would mean nothing for the Marquis has secured an indulgence so blatant it threatens another schism akin to the one that inspired Martin Luther years back.  A normal man of Clergy, even the feared Inquisition would either be a flower on the wall, futileypraying for their salvation - or himself be swayed by temptation, the pardon and indulgence applying to himself as a guest. But Dominick of the Order Malleus - a man who hunts the Supernatural made manifest is not there to merely witness.  And as he is known to his chagrin as "Dominick Wytchburner" he is no ordinary man!
Lavishly illustrated by  Vittorio Astone  A complete Dominick Wytchburner Novel - of Gothic castles, decadent nobility & of supernatural menace!
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