-A man sits in a cell after a violent assault - no charges have been filed - the man demands to see the Duke but the authority he faces is a priest - of the Inqusition!
Stand-alone shart story - to be included in story collection later.
Swords beneath the Earth
Two stories of Dominick - in which he pursues a sorceror in the Catacombs beneath Paris and which he investigates reports of witchcraft in a southern provence.
Dominick Wytchburner
    It is the mid 1700s - Mankind is embracing the age of Enligtenment to focus on the wars, the revolutions upcoming.  The old traditions are being ignored as people seek economic, social and artistic freedom.  But Mankind’s old enemies still hide in the dark shadows ready to strike.  No ordinary man would dare face them even if he believed in him, but from the declining Holy Inquisition there is one who is no ordinary man but is known as Dominick Wytchburner!
The Red Child
Der Schratz & other tales   of the Supernatural and Macabre
-Coming Soon-