Dominick Wytchburner
Above, on image, right-click and “Save Target As” to download file.  This is presented as a stand-alone story to introduce the new reader to Dominick Wytchburner.  This will later be included in a larger volume of stories for sale but for here and now it is free to download - please do not sell or distrubute it other than by referring others to this website; - !
Vengeance… ! It is a terrible sin to be obsessed with it - it being the sole property of The Lord who alone has authority to deliver it.  Yet in a cell in a small township a man is held without charge demanding nothing but that.  And none dare face him for he is adamant they have all wronged him.  At last a man is sent to consul him and ask reason for his hate- but it is no ordinary man, rather an inquisitor known as Dominick… Dominick Wytchburner!
Main Illustrations by Vittorio Astone - a few minor ones by author…cited in text.